Queen Street Mall Stage, Brisbane CBD

Saturday July 6th, 2024
11am – 5pm

Application period:
April 14th – April 29th 2024
(now closed)

Anyone who makes their own comics can apply for a table at Comicstreet! Whether you’re a bit of a dinosaur or a spring chicken just figuring things out, we want to see what you’ve been making!

To qualify for a table, artists must have at least one self-made comic on display or sale. For more info on our tabling rules and fees, read our Table Registration Info Page.

Table applications are now closed but you can join our artist mailing list at the bottom of the page to stay in the loop for future event openings.

What’s this Comicstreet thing all about?

Independent comics are comics made by…anyone! Made just for a love of making, out of a need to tell a story or share information, a passion for comics as a medium – any reason is a valid reason to make a comic! A comic can be made by any person with the determination to put one panel after another.

Here at Comicstreet we love sequential storytelling. We’re an artist-run event focused on creating an accessible space both for local creators and the general public. Every year we put together a market on Queen Street Mall where local comics artists can show and sell their work. Anyone can come by at no cost to check out the market and read through our library of independent comics from around the world. It can be difficult to find all this stuff on your own – but here it is for free and all in once place!

We hope to see you at our next event…and who knows, maybe we’ll get you behind an artist table in the future.

Photo Archive

Photos and video from Comicstreet event’s past (2019 and 2023 coming soon).

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