Tabling at Comicstreet is open to comics artists from all walks of life all over Australia. However, as a very public accessible event with limited space, we do have limitations. Please read and understand our rules before applying for a table. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

The Rules

Comicstreet is an indie comics event for independent comics artists. If you’re not selling indie comics, this isn’t the market for you.

  • No copyright infringing materials. This includes fan art.
  • No heavily sexual content – we’re in a big open thoroughfare space. Play it safe!
  • No offensive content (hate speech, extreme depictions of violence, etc)
  • No AI generated content – this is an event for human artists and their craft
  • No sticker giveaways (see FAQ for more info – selling stickers is fine)
  • Don’t be a dick

You may be asked to remove items from your table – or asked to leave entirely – if any of these rules are broken.

We’re sorry to be so strict about content restrictions but due to the nature of the venue we have to be extra careful.

Selection Criteria

Because space is very limited, we will not be able to accept every application to table at Comicstreet. Though we reserve the right to reject an applicant for any reason, in general our selection process is as follows:

(1) First preference is given to new creators who have never tabled at Comicstreet before
(2) Additionally, we may give preference to veteran creators who are bringing new work to the event (comics works not shown at Comicstreet previously)
(3) Finally, the remaining veteran applications are accepted in order of submission. It is advantageous to apply early!


Full table: $100
Half table: $50

You’ll be provided with a table of 1.8×0.6m size (or half that, if you opt for a half table), a black table cloth, and folding chairs. We encourage you to bring your own table cloth and display stuff to spice things up! There is no backing wall to hang posters/banners/etc.

A very few tables closest to the stage can have access to power. If you require power for your table, please indicate this when you fill out the registration form so that we can accommodate. Please do not request power just for the convenience – there may be others whose need is greater.

Ready to register? Head over to the online registration form.


What’s the space like?
You’ll have a table top but there’s no backing wall or gazebo, so you won’t have a way to hang banners or posters unless you can hang them from your table. We don’t recommend building tall banners, grids etc over your table. Comicstreet is in an covered outdoor space and thus somewhat exposed to the elements. Keep your setup simple and sturdy.

Can I sell things that aren’t comics, too? Like prints?
Yes, as long as you have your comics on your table as well. You MUST have at least one comic in order to sell at Comicstreet.

Can I sell stickers?
Yes, you can sell stickers. However, giving away stickers is prohibited. People won’t waste a sticker they paid money for, but it’s not uncommon that free stickers end up stuck all over the venue, sometimes causing lasting damage.

Okay, so no porn. But can I have…sexy content?
Depends. If it’s too sexy for a billboard advertisement, leave it out. If you’re not sure, email us and ask.